Marriage & Couples Counselling Campbellville Ontario

Enriching and restoring the marriage relationship.

Marriage Couples Counselling Campbellville ONWe are supposed to enjoy the benefits of marriage.

Marriage is a wonderful thing when the relationship works right.  Our Marriage & Couples Counselling service is available for those in Campbellville, Ontario.  We can help you experience the vast benefits of marriage and help aid in the recovery process.  When there as been damage to a marriage relationship all too often couples don’t know how or even if it can be fixed.  Marriage therapy involves understanding the relational dynamics, relationship trauma, breakdowns in communication, needs not being met, and bad habits that destroy love in a relationship.  Our approach is to help you understand, repair, and coach you through this process of recovery.
Understanding the root issues of your marriage relationship is imperative because only then can therapy begin to bring the repair and healing that is needed so that the marriage can not only be rebuilt but often come into a better place than it ever has been before.  Having the, they lived happily ever after, comes after the therapeutic and coaching work that needs to be done.
If you have recently suffered trauma or hurt in the marriage, now is the best time to get this resolved, before it creates a deeper problem in your life.  We are here to help you move forward,  let one of our experienced counsellors help you get back to the love you once had or possibly even better than that where a more stable relationship can be realized. Even if your marriage is in great shape there is always room for improvement and enhancement.  Why continue to settle with the current state of your marriage?  We are here to help aid you in this process.
Your marriage is worth the investment, you are worth investing in!  Allowing a well trained and successful counsellor/psychotherapist to aid you in your recovery and facilitate steps to a better marriage can be one of the best choices you will make in your life.
The condition of your marriage relationship can effect your sleep, your level of peace, your work, other important relationships, and even your physical health.  Delaying marriage counselling/therapy delays the progress or wellbeing in other areas of your life.  A negative environment can bring not only frustration but confusion, pain and feeling a lack of self worth.  These are key areas are critical to your wellbeing and happiness, delaying the help you need will only worsen matters.  Reach out today, we are here for you!
We are located near Campbelville, Ontario and are ready to help those who want change for the better.  We are excited about helping clients that want to better their life and marriage.  Real change is rewarding and has far reaching effects.  We offer compassionate, confidential and professional counselling and therapy to those in need.  Check out our reputation and call today for a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation.  There are many options to choose in life and we want to help obtain the best for you.  Our goal is to see you happy and successful in your marriage.


With hope and compassion we are here to restore and rebuild your relationship!

We have a trained staff that uses various methods and techniques to help restore your marriage.  Couples are encouraged when they start to see love and hope being restored in their relationship.  We realize that each couple is unique and each couple has a different story to tell and that is why we use our Two-Tier Marriage Counselling Approach so that we can give you the solutions you need.  We care about each couple and work to facilitate the therapy that most effectively addresses the issues in the marriage.