Holistic Therapies

The human body has the innate ability to heal itself. Holistic Health Practioners affect change in the body and mind by using diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, in addition to Homeopathics, herbals, supplements, Gammadyns, Gemmotherapies, Schuessler Salts, BioTherapeutic Drainage, Orthomolecular medicines.

The human body has the innate ability to heal itself. Holistic Health Practioners affect change in the body and mind by using diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, in addition to Homeopathics, herbals, supplements, Gammadyns, Gemmotherapies, Holistic Therapies Burlington ONSchuessler Salts, BioTherapeutic Drainage, Orthomolecular medicines.

Holistic Health Practitioners stand on 6 timeless principles that are based on science:

1) Do no harm

2) Identify and treat root causes

3) Educate patients

4) Treat the whole person

5) Let nature heal

6) Prevent illness

Natural self-healing

Our bodies have a powerful ability to self-heal. Once the barriers are found and removed then self-healing follows naturally. Such barriers can be toxins, imbalances, trauma, negative self-defeating beliefs, dysbiosis, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Rather than treating the symptoms the true road to healing is finding and treating the root cause, which then allows a state of natural healing to take place creating a homeostasis.

Holistic Health Therapies

We treat people not disorders and diseases. The spirit, mind, and body approach is a holistic approach that allows us to get to the underlying roots of problems rather than just treating symptoms.

At New Hope Counselling Centre we are here to respectfully look at the whole you. We look at the immediate relief (acute problems) you may require and help alleviate or at the very least regulate your symptoms bringing relief. Then we address the root cause(s) of the issue(s) and begin utilizing energy-based medicines along with psychotherapy to facilitate healing of the root cause (chronic problems). James Miklos, Ph.D. has found that a more holistic approach to people’s problems facilitates deep and long term healing.

Holistic Health Therapy along with psychotherapy accomplishes far more and much faster results than simply using one modality at a time. As a person you are comprised of many different parts and though we often like to compartmentalize our issues the truth of the matter is that we need to look at the whole person. We have been created with an innate ability to naturally heal in spirit, mind, and body, but too often we are stuck and that is where these therapies are needed.

Holistic health therapies are the utilization of homeopathics, herbals, supplements, gammadyns, gemmotherapies, Schuessler Salts, Biotherapeutic Drainage, orthomolecular medicines, and energy testing.


Is a therapy that aids in the transformation and balancing of an individual.  Homeopathy doesn’t cover up or repress the problem but rather accelerates the healing process and increases life performance.  Homeopathy is good for both mind and body.

Orthomolecular Medicine

The lack of correct nutrients can cause or amplify emotional and mental issues.  Orthomolecular Medicine addresses each person’s bioindividuality and corrects the underlying deficiencies thereby allowing a greater sense of wellbeing to come about.

Biotherapeutic Drainage

This therapy is a combination of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy, which assists in proper organ, tissue and cellular function therefore allowing the natural elimination of toxins.  This therapy can reduce numerous symptoms, and can result in the healing of various illnesses some of which include: insomnia, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, PTSD, and various physical illnesses.

Herbal Medicine

TCM is known for both its acupuncture as well as its herbal remedies.  We utilize the herbal remedies to address both the symptoms and the cause of the presenting problem.  Herbs are used to powerfully intervene and facilitate the healing process.

Psychosomatic Energetics

Psychosomatic energetics, developed by German physician Reimar Banis, is a system of medicine that takes a unique perspective on healing and disease. It is based upon the notion that the cause of disease is often hidden deep within unresolved emotional conflicts, the most important of which is termed the “central conflict.”


For further assistance please contact us, we would love to answer any questions you may have about your personal well-being.

At New Hope Counselling Centre our aim is to balance the entire person with special focus of course – on the mind, using every natural wholesome healing means at our disposal.

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