Fees & Package Programs

Investing In Your Future

Our desire is to help you achieve a better you and a better quality of life.
We have made available value packages that will assist you in moving forward.

Individual & Couples’ Counselling Fees

For in-person and Skype, FaceTime or telephone counselling.
Individual sessions begin at a 50-minute session. | Couples’ sessions begin at a 75-minute session.

With James Miklos

Pay Per 50-minute session:
• $160 + HST = $180.80
Pay Per 75-minute session:
• $240 + HST = $271.20
• $2.67 + HST
per additional minute added onto booked session.

10+1 Package – James Miklos

Ten 50-minutes in session time.
Couples’s  Sessions require
90 minutes minimum per session:
$1,600. You save $160.

With Karen Hulley

Pay Per 50-minute session:
• $120 + HST = $135.60
Pay Per 75-minute session:
• $180 + HST = $203.40
• $2.00 + HST
per additional minute added onto booked session.

Counselling Therapy Packages

We offer optional counselling packages which are available to clients who have had at least one previous session with a therapist at New Hope Counselling Centre and who wish to deepen their work and commitment to themselves and also saving money and increasing convenience:

Please note all prices are plus HST with the exception of psychologist receipt

Please consider these packages carefully. They are non-refundable and  must be prepaid. You have up to one year to use your sessions.


Reports, Forms, Letter writing, Clinical Document Review

Document review is $80 + HST per half hour.

Reports, Forms and Letters begins at $160 + HST and is charged additionally per hour accordingly.

If you are wanting to purchase a counselling package and claim the cost of that package through your workplace extended health plan, please note that extended health benefit plans do not allow you to claim for prepaid sessions (i.e. sessions which have not yet occurred).  As such, I will divide the cost of the package by the number of sessions and write you separate receipts for the date of each session. For example, if you purchase a Startup Package (one 75-minute session and two 50-minute sessions) for $360, I will issue you 3 receipts for $120, each receipt dated and issued for the date of each session.


Payment is due after each session with the exception of packaged sessions which are paid in advance.  

Forms of payment we accept are: Cash, Debit, Visa and MasterCard.

Important Information Before Moving Forward

Our Cancellation policy is 2 business days. Appointments cancelled less than a 2 day notice or missed appointments are charged the full session fee. Same day bookings which are subsequently cancelled are subject to the usual late cancellation fees. A full description of the  cancellation policy can be viewed here.

Currently in Ontario as Psychotherapists or counsellors we are required to charge HST on services rendered.

Affordable Counselling Oakville Milton ON

Financial Help

Extended Health
If you have extended health benefits through your work, or through an immediate family member’s employer, you may be covered for the services.

 Reduced-Cost Counselling and Other Funding Options

We do offer sliding scale for those of low income with proof of income, usually a copy of your Notice of Assessment (NOA).

Other options may include third party funding such as loans, credit cards, line of credit, family or institutional assistance which can help you move forward to getting the help you need.

In accordance with the Medical Expense Tax Credit (METC), the Government of Canada will reimburse recipients of clinical services that have expenses greater than $2,100 annually or 3 percent of the taxpayer’s net income.