Herbal Medicine

Try nature’s meds for the mind

Herbal Medicine SaleAt New Hope Counselling Centre our aim is to balance the entire person with special focus on the mind, using natural wholesome therapies to bring healing.

Herbal Medicine has been around as long as human beings. The earliest written evidence of Herbal Medicine dates back to over 5,000 years ago to the Sumerians who compiled a list of plants.

Herbal remedies in mental health can be effective when the “big picture” of a person is taken into consideration. Herbal remedies can be used for acute as well as chronic health issues.

How Can Herbal Medicine Help Me?

Herbal medicine can help both cure as well as alleviate physical and mental and emotional illnesses generally speaking. Each person as a unique individual has to be assessed before any herbs are suggested. Herbs are powerful when taken correctly.

Herbal medicine can help with numerous health issues from anxiety to insomnia to liver
problems and much more. Here is a short list of what herbs can help with:

•  Anxiety  •  Depression  •  Insomnia  •  Racing mind  •  Anger  •  OCD  •  ADHD

Are Herbs For Me?

Since each person is biochemically unique herbs have to be taken into careful consideration so that it is beneficial to a person’s wellbeing. If you are already taking pharmaceutical psychiatric medication then herbal medicine is probably not the way for you. Those who do not use psychiatric medication can more than likely benefit from correctly sourced and taken herbal medicine.


Health and safety are always taken with serious concern. Through correct evaluation and properly sourced herbal remedies herbal medicine can be safer than most pharmaceutical medications.


Herbal Medicine Systems

There are a number of systems of herbal applications that are available in the world today, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical (some modern medication contains herbal parts)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • North American Native
  • Traditional African Medicine
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Amichi Medical System
  • Siddha Medicine
  • Jamu Herbal Medicine

In North America the most widely used system is Traditional Chinese Medicine, followed by Ayurvedic then North American Native.

What does that mean for you as an individual? In Canada and the U.S.A. there are special schools as well as naturopathic schools, and nutraceutical companies that teach the use of herbs. In most cases herbs are already sourced, compounded and categorized for safe and effective usage within the guidelines of the Canadian and United States governments.

Herbal Approach

From a philosophical perspective, man and nature coexist in a symbiotic relationship to each other. Unlike much of western medicine that looks at the body as being merely a machine, traditional herbal systems, in particular TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) looks at the human as being much like our outer universe containing different elements, balances, and functions all in a interdependency on each other.

When the mind and body do not work properly it is viewed as an imbalance of vital forces which can cause blockages in your flow of life or vitality. These vital forces or life flow the Chinese call Qi which travel along pathways called meridians. The focus is to treat the root cause rather than just the symptom. The approach is holistic because it incorporates the whole person. In TCM and most other herbal systems seek to treat the patient not the disorder or illness.

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