Psychodynamic Therapy

This approach empowers the client to connect the conscious with the unconscious mind helping to resolve conflicts and symptoms that create dysfunction.

What is Psychodynamic Therapy?

Is a therapy who’s primary focus is to help explore and reveal the client’s unconscious mind’s content to help alleviate the underlying emotional stress. The therapeutic approach focuses on a client’s unconscious processes that influences a client’s present behaviour. More on the unconscious mind below…


How will Psychodynamic Therapy help me?

The effectiveness of Psychodynamic Therapy has been shown to help reduce dissociation, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and even some physical illnesses that are related to psychic stress. According to the published research by the American Psychological Association [2010] there is evidence indicating the relief and resolution of various psychological mental health symptoms even after treatment has ended.

Psychodynamic Therapy at New Hope Counselling Centre is frequently utilized in conjunction with other forms of therapy to produce an optimal outcome for the client. This form of therapy is significant in aiding a client to come to grips with themselves and their issues in self-enlightening ways.

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How does Psychodynamic Therapy work?

The therapist uses various methods to help the client resolve their underlying distresses by helping them to better evaluate the causes of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. This is done through well aimed questions that help the client to connect with deeper underlying thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Psychodynamic Therapy helps to access the client’s unconscious mind’s repressed experiences, thoughts and feelings.


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Psychodynamic therapy is considered to be a “global” type of therapy rather than a “problem-based or solution-based” therapy. The goal of the therapist is to gain a whole person perspective.

In Psychodynamic Therapy the client is guided in such a manner as to discover hidden patterns in their emotions, thoughts and beliefs so that they can gain insights into their current selves. It is about finding the pieces to the puzzle of their life and life events so that they can begin to move forward. This kind of therapy helps a client to better see how their early life relationships have affected them in the present and to help them to transform those dynamics into healthier ones.


The Techniques of Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy utilizes not only well-aimed questions but also the following techniques can be used in order to aid the client into self-discovery and personal transformation:

  • Defence Mechanisms
  • Rorschach Inkblots
  • Freudian Slip
  • Free Association
  • Dream Analysis
  • What is your take home message?


What is the history of Psychodynamic Therapy?Anxiety Counselling Burlington Ontario

The beginning of Psychodynamic Therapy has its roots in Sigmund Freud’s work and has throughout time developed with various contributing psychologists and psychiatrists. From these contributors we can observe four schools of psychoanalytic theory from which Psychodynamic Therapy has evolved. These four schools consist of: Freudian, Ego Psychology, Object Relations, and last but not least Self Psychology. Though there are differences there are also similarities between these and Psychodynamic Therapy.


The role of Psychodynamic Therapy

At New Hope Counselling Centre we utilize various techniques and therapeutic tools to help each client achieve their therapeutic goals. Psychodynamic Therapy though being one of the major traditional therapies from yesteryear still prove valuable when helping clients to move forward with their lives. The aim of this therapy is to help the client gain insight and understanding for the reasons of their problems and then to be able take that insight and understanding into their current and future situations to better their lives.


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