Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

A body oriented therapy for trauma resolution.

What is Sensorimotor Psychotherapy?

Psychological trauma is stored in the parts of the brain and even in parts of the body that evoke for us not only disturbing thoughts and images but also physical reactions like fleeing from a non-threatening scene, or where a person may lose it and blast somebody, or may even get violent, it also can involve aches and pains in the body that medical science cannot detect, sleep disturbances, restless leg syndrome and other forms of restlessness and other forms of distress that are experienced in some form of physically negative experience. In short this therapy accesses and heals traumatic memory on the sensorimotor level of our nervous system.

This therapy may appear to be a slow process but the results can be astounding, producing results that some have not achieved by trying other forms of therapy. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy or SP for short is a gentler process that works on smaller pieces of the trauma during the session, which can and often does produce better and lasting results.

The basic principle behind SP is that the trauma is safely accessed and processed by using two primary techniques: mindfulness and through specific body movement techniques. As the trauma begins to be processed the distress, tension, pain in the body along with mental and emotional pain begin to subside with a renewed sense of life and reality that become present.

Clinically it can be said this way. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a body-oriented therapy that also involves talk therapy. Rather than modifications at the conscious goal-oriented behavioral level, SP uses modification directly at the sensorimotor level. This leads to the integration of the use of both body-oriented therapy and talk therapy. The use of these two leads to body-centered interventions leading to therapeutic processing of trauma, attachment, and developmental issues. In doing so this shifts the mind, nervous system and body to a greater state of balance and wholeness.

This video explains how Sensorimotor Psychotherapy can resolve trauma, PTSD, anxiety and other issues.  It is a body oriented, bottom up innovative therapy.

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