FSAP – Feeling-State Addiction Protocol

Is your behaviour destroying your life? Is your life out of control?

Do You…

FSAP TherapySmoke, use street or prescription drugs for recreational purposes? Are you self-medicating? Compulsive gambling? Sex or pornography addictions? Are you involved with shoplifting? Do you spend to much? Are you a couch potato? Are you involved with some habit that takes away from your life and wellbeing? Do you have behaviours that is destroying your marriage?

If you have answered yes or maybe to any of the above then the solution can be simpler than conventional therapy. The Feeling-State Addiction Protocol is not a way in which you can cope but rather be free of your addiction(s). Using this EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) specialized therapy, FSAP can be the answer to your addictive behaviour(s).

How FSAP Works

This new short-term therapy eliminates behavioural addictions, the urges and cravings of substance addictions, which has proven to be effective in most cases.

Addictions are caused by a fixation which is an obsessive interest or feeling that you get stuck in. Therefore, an addiction can further be understood as a fixation between both the feeling and the behaviour. As we identify the exact behaviour and feeling then the Psychological Burlington Ontariofixation can be processed using the FSAP therapy therefore eliminating the addiction. Once the link, fixation, urges, cravings and/or behaviour(s) are broken there is no longer a need to have to try and control them because they are processed in the brain which means you will have new found energy to live life more fully. The results will produce appropriate and healthy behaviour.

Often times an addiction forms as a result of a lack of emotional support and/or trauma. An addiction forms simply because we become fixated on a particular feeling or behaviour which can involve cravings or urges that have to be constantly controlled or managed, which can be exhausting. FSAP removes these things and the links associated to the fixations.

Every addiction involves a fixation between feelings and behaviour. In therapy we specifically identify the exact feelings in the behaviour in order to perform FSAP therapy. We look for the behaviour that creates the most intense positive feeling which reveals the specific behaviour, then we use FSAP – EMDR to resolve the addiction.

An example could be a shopping addiction. In this type of addiction there are sub- behaviours that could look like going into a store where people are waiting on you, trying on the clothes seeing how they look and feel, purchasing the items, holding them,etc. Any of these actions that are involved in shopping can be what creates the most intense positive feeling. This is where we investigate to discover which one of these sub-behaviours triggers these positive intense feelings. Not only does the exact behaviour need to be identified but also the exact feeling has to be identified. For example if it involves compulsive shopping is the feeling connected to feeling special, relaxed, a sense of status, or are they feelings of power?

It is very important to clearly identify the origin, memory(s), and the intensely desired feeling that one wants to experience. The next step is to do FSAP a modified form of EMDR, known for its eye movement, in order to process this fixation. This process though relatively short can require weeks or even several months of work to eliminate the addiction.

The Difference

Other therapies are incorporated in order to help with addictive behaviour but through clinical experience FSAP has revealed to be the key to eliminating addictions in a relatively short period of time. Patience, diligence, and the willingness to work through one’s own issues is key to one’s health and freedom. The difference is that FSAP is not a therapy that helps you to cope but rather to truly be free.


Feeling-State Addiction Protocol developed by Dr. Robert Miller

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