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How To Get Free Of Stress

There are numerous things that cause stress, such as situations and circumstances that are perceived or actual pressures. Though stress is often perceived as external but it is also internal. Internal stress is perceived stress and which is the result of our past and probably that of our childhood. Negative external stressors can include work schedules, performance demands, marital difficulties, a troubled child, a family sickness, change of a job, and much more. Positive external stressors can include getting married, going to school, receiving a…

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What Is The Unconscious Mind?

Though there are some who deny the existence of the unconscious mind but by defining it you will better understand the reasoning behind it and its importance. The unconscious mind is not unconscious in the sense of being in some state of a coma, rather it is better understood as that part of our brain or our soul that our conscious or rational, cognitive mind is to some degree unaware of. The unconscious mind is that part of the brain and soul of a person that has been called as the right brain, the imaginative, playful, creative, emotional and most…

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What Are The Symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?

PTSD symptoms are categorized in the DSM-V into four major symptoms which are Flashbacks, Hypervigilance, Negative thoughts, and Avoidance of people, places or things. Most other symptoms of Post-traumatic stress can fit into these four major areas but they can often look different from person to person, age to age and gender to gender. Below is a list of possible PTSD symptoms that a person can experience, though some of these symptoms can be the result of other medical complications or be intertwined. It is best when looking at these various…

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Understanding and Treating Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Emergency wards in hospitals at times are occupied by those who think they are having a heart attack, intestinal issues, severe abdominal pains, or even a stroke when in actuality they are having a panic attack. PTSD can be debilitating if not treated immediately. Curing PTSD is more important than masking it. Yes, curing Post-traumatic stress can be a reality for you!
How does Post-traumatic Stress Disorder develop? Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD develops when a shocking, upsetting, or terrifying event occurs that you have witnessed…

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Learning How To Communicate And How Not to Botch It Up!

Poor communication in marriage can be a very serious problem but the good news is that the problem is fixable. Communication at best can be a tricky endeavour especially when your own feelings and beliefs get in the way. Fred and Doris, who came in for some counselling, have been married for over 10 years. They have become increasingly frustrated with each other and have grown apart. This couple once happily married no longer feels love for each other. Where they used to laugh and play together now they avoid each other and when they…

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Understanding Anger

Anger is a basic human emotion that we all experience. Anger can be defined as experiencing displeasure in something or someone deemed to be a threat, harmful or evil. Anger is part of what is called the fight mechanism in our body which is often caused by anxiety when there is a perceived threat to self, to ones rights, possessions or moral and ethical values. Anger is aroused by anxiety because of a perceived threat to one’s self, possessions, rights, or values. We can experience anger when we feel blocked or prevented from saying or doing…

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