Marriage Counselling / Couples Counselling

The two-tier marriage counselling is extremely effective for couples

We offer the most up-to-date and innovative techniques to help solve your relationship issues. We do this by taking a two-tier approach which has been extremely effective for couples.

Marriage and Relationships

Statistics reveal that 90% of couples are dissatisfied with the process of marriage/couples counselling because of the lack of success in most of their counselling endeavours. That is why we implement the two-tier approach. The two-tier approach is far more successful because it utilizes counselling along with other therapies to shift each person’s behaviors, responses, and perceptions thereby creating a harmony of love that otherwise may have never been achieved.

Tier 1

The counselling and coaching phase. This is where we get to the root of the issues that are troubling your relationship, then through counselling and coaching and some educational tools we begin working through the current issues at hand to stabilize the relationship and facilitate healing and reconciliation.

Tier 2

If the Tier 1 process hasn’t proven satisfactory then we proceed to Tier 2. This is the therapy phase. This tier involves individualized therapy targeting specific areas that are not coming to resolution in your relationship.  At this level we work through personal issues that interfere with having a successful relationship.

In the Tier 2 phase we utilize various therapies that are best suited for you. For our more information on the various therapies we use select out of the above drop down menu, “Methods of Therapy” or select one of the following:

Over twenty-five years of conducting counselling/psychotherapy, for couples, and have worked with hundreds of couples just like you. It is worth the effort and the finances to do so.  This will not only save your relationship, but your mental health, physical health, and your finances.  Call for therapy now and you will likely thrive and regain passion in your relationship and stability in your family.  Your commitment and our expertise will create success as many couples have discovered when they have come to us.

Marriage Questionnaires

Dr. Willard Harley, author of His Needs Her Needs & Love Busters has a couple of questionnaires that I recommend that couples take.

Marital Problem Analysis

Emotional Needs Questionnaire

The questionnaire below (link) is produced by the Gottman Institute.

Love Quiz: Do You Really Know Your Partner?

Five Love Languages Questionnaire

Disclaimer: These questionnaires are for your personal use and are not meant to assess, treat or diagnose.  If you have further questions concerning your marriage please call us and we will help.

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