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Depression is a very common psychological problem that people struggle with.  There is nothing to be ashamed of, depression can be overcome with some quality help and lifestyle changes.  Symptoms of depression can come and go but can persist for months at a Depression Burlington ONtime disrupting a person’s life causing emotional turmoil, unhappiness and even pain.  Depression in a person effects even those around them.  There has been significant strides to understand and overcome depression in recent years.

3 Major Causes Of Depression

1. Psychological – The effect of events in a person’s life particularly stemming from childhood can create a predisposition to depression. For example, a strict and severe upbringing or school bullying where negative comments and criticisms have been prevalent can shape the way a person views the world, most likely producing a negative view.  Therefore, when difficult situations occur it reinforces a negative world view which often leads to emotional suffering – depression.

2. Environmental – Depression is often the result of stressful life situations such as:

    • Losses such as the death of a loved one, a move, a divorce, financial difficulties or job loss.
    • Social isolation.
    • Relationship conflict, whether marital or family-related.
    • A stressful workplace.
    • Health issues, especially chronic health problems.

Are you suffering from depression?  About 1 in 10 people in Canada will experience an episode of major depressive disorder in their lifetime (the diagnosis given to those suffering from depression).

Often the biggest obstacle to moving forward and getting better is the depression itself.  For example, a depressed person will often remove themselves from the presence of those who will comfort and encourage them, they can also cease to participate in activities that are of personal interest.  These avoidances can further deepen the depression.

3. Biological – There are over 100,00 toxic chemicals in regular usage in our environment(1) and 287 carcinogenic chemicals that have been found in human babies, never mind the adults(2), and the severity of this has predominantly come about over the last couple of decades. What does this have to do with depression?  Since depression can also be the result of a lack or imbalance of neurotransmitters (two dominant neurotransmitters are serotonin and norepinephrine) in the brain and spinal cord, these industrial toxins can block, mimic and interfere with proper balances.

Effects of depression:

  • Tremendous emotional pain
  • Disruption of a person’s life
  • Adversely affects the lives of families and friends
  • Reduces work productivity and absenteeism
  • Has a significant negative impact finances and the economy

From time to time we may experience sadness but that is not necessarily and indicator that you are depressed. Depression changes how you think and feel.  It also affects a person’s social behaviour and sense of well-being.  Depression can leave you feeling tired, burdened, overworked and discouraged.  Yes, this can occur during times of stress but if these feelings linger and interfere with work, social, and home life it may be depression.

Depression can effect anyone.  Too often people either do not pursue help or it goes undiagnosed.  But, with proper treatment and care depression can alleviated and one can resume a normal life.  Start with the self test below and then give us a call or book an appointment online.

Self Test for Depression
Take Test
  1. Have you been feeling down, depressed, irritable, or hopeless over the last two weeks?
  2. Have you lost interest in your favourite hobbies and sports – or – are you spending increased amounts of time on them almost compulsively?
  3. Do you feel sad often for no reason at all or very irritable?
  4. Have you lost enjoyment in spending time with family and friends?
  5. Have you lost your appetite or have been overeating compulsively?
  6. Is it hard to get to sleep and/or your sleep is restless and broken or are you feeling so tired that you want to sleep all the time?
  7. Have you lost interest in sex or have become preoccupied by it?
  8. Do you feel worthless, guilty, or that you are a burden to your family?
  9. Are you thinking about death or suicide or about harming yourself?
  10. Do you have trouble concentrating and making decisions?
  11. Do you feel extremely tired having lost most of your energy?
  12. Do you have persistent “highs” or persistent irritable moods?
  13. Do you feel you have boundless energy but have little need or desire to sleep?
  14. Does your mind race?
  15. Does your speech feel “pressured” like you can’t get the words out fast enough?
  16. Are you making decisions too fast without realizing the dangerous or painful consequences involved?



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