Our Mission at New Hope Counselling Centre

Our goal is to help you.

Our mission is your wellbeing.

While we would all like to believe that one counsellor or psychotherapist could do it all, we understand that you, our client, are best served by therapists that focus on specialized areas and then work as a collaborative team when needed. It is because we love our work and care so much for you, our client that we labour every single day to bring outstanding service to you and the community.

Our Principles

New Hope Counselling Centre has been founded on the following principles:

Humanity is truly represented through uniqueness and individuality. Each individual is to be honoured and respected, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, or faith.

We are social by design. We are fully human when we are in wholesome harmony within ourselves, and with each other, our world and our God.

We all have a desire within us to grow, to change, to become more than we are.

We are designed with the power and gift of choice from which we are called to be responsible for our choices in life, relationships, our families, our communities and our world.