How do I know that what I am feeling as an individual is fact or fiction? This is a question where many who come to me struggle with and is for the most part a universal dilemma. The feelings are real, but why I am experiencing them may not be.

Perception is purely a subjective experience. Our personal perceptions all began in its foundational elements going back to our parents own perception of their environment.  Two months prior to the mother’s ovulation, which is when the DNA selective encoding began to formulate, gets sequenced to allow for adaptation of the environment which is dominantly decided by the mother’s perception of how she is at that time experiencing life. Wow! That’s a topic to talk about. From their we learned from our mother in utero and when we came into this world we began learning how to interpret how we feel from our environment.

Why we feel the way we do is based on our own perceptions and without some clear truthful external indicators of our own life’s experiences we are at the whim of our feelings, left to our own perception. Bottom line we need a truthful sounding board, a flexible mind along with divine guidance to be able to see things more clearly.

What I feel is mine – not anybody else’s! “He/she made me feel…” often is a projection rather we should look first internally to discover where all of this comes from then we can truly start our journey to transformation. We must own our own emotions for us to transform.

To see more clearly reach out for help, that is your first step.  Contact us today!