Dream Work

Dream interpretation is a powerful tool in helping people to move forward in life. James Miklos explains the unique ancient hebraic methodology.

Working with dreams can be very self-revealing allowing the client to come to a fuller understanding of their thoughts, emotions, behaviours and choices in life.

Dreams are subconscious messages revealing true issues and solutions. Dreams are nightly metaphors that are encrypted messages from a person’s subconscious that can be utilized to help facilitate life’s answers and even bring speedy resolutions to problems.


James Miklos, Ph.D. has studied and worked with dreams giving insight, understanding, and practical applications to them since 2003. Through his research, writing and practice he has adopted an ancient Hebraic method in conjunction with recent psychological findings and has developed a method that he calls Theoneiromancy.

What can Dream Work do for me?

Dream work can get help the client get in touch with his or her root problems, allowing further understanding to issues, especially long standing ones. Gaining this understanding allows us to better focus on what the unconscious mind (the spirit) is trying to tell us. These messages are powerful components to healing and personal life issue(s) resolution. Often understanding the dreams leads us to understanding the problem, getting the client in touch with things they have repressed, and then taking it one step further into other therapies such as EMDR and/or leading to productive life changing actions.

Dream work can also help with nightmare, night terror, and sleep disorders as well.

Nightmare & Night Terror Resolution

Nightmares are those unpleasant dreams that cause great fear in the heart of the dreamer that emotionally subtracts from their waking experience.

Night Terrors differ from nightmares in a number of ways: they occur during NREM sleep (deep sleep), there is a sudden awakening usually involving screaming, sitting, and disorientation. There is little to no recollection of dreams though frightening images can be present. Upon awakening the next day the person usually has no Dream Interpretationrecollection of this occurrence.

Through modern and effective techniques steps towards wholeness can be achieved.

Sleep Disorders

Though there are many physically related sleep disorders yet there can still remain the mind-body connection that plays a major role in the quality of one’s sleep. Through effective approaches taken there can be a non-medicinal resolution to many sleep disorders.

Sleep disorders include: Anxiety, Stress & Sleep Disturbances, Insomnia, Restless Legs Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis, Sleep Walking and Sleep Talking

How does it work?

Dream work begins with interpreting the dream and looking at the general overall meaning. This begins the process of getting to the heart of underlying issues that are overshadowing and possibly gnawing at your life. From there we look at individual emotional components looking to the root cause of them, bring some insight through a psychodynamic approach. Also assertive actions skills are determined through the findings and a plan with action is implemented to resolve the underlying issue(s) that the dream(s) is pointing to. Depending on the dream we will then utilize other therapies to help eliminate the cause behind the presenting dream or dreams.

Dream interpretation is a powerful tool in helping people to move forward in life.

Difference in the approach

An asset is that James Miklos, Ph.D. being an ordained pastor with effective spiritual training has at his disposal the ability to look at dreams also from a spiritual perspective and how dreams can be at times a safe guide or possibly a divine message. Though not all dreams are spiritual in nature, the approach James uses covers all aspects of dream interpretation and using dream work therapeutically in a safe and affirming manner yielding promising results and personal progress.


James Miklos, Ph.D. has done extensive research, writing, teaching, and practical applications to dream work. In the field of modern science much work has been done in trying to understand dreams from a biological perspective. In the field of psychology there has been research and applied theories in this field as well yielding presentable results with many publications. In recent times there has been a resurgence on a spiritual level of understanding and working with dreams. James provides grounded, practical applications that can be worked through physically, psychologically, and spiritually (from a biblical perspective).

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