The Difference...

Do you need hope?  Are you looking for real life solutions?
We know how and we can help!

We are here to help you overcome life's problems and challenges whether it's relationship, marital or personal issues such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, parenting difficulties, or looking to balance your life through Life Coaching we are here to help you.  Healing is what we offer, we helped others, we can help you!

Life Issues and Counselling

Our goal is you!
In our private setting you will experience personalized, compassionate, confidential services in both counselling and psychotherapy.

Individual compassionate counselling »

In person and internet counselling are available, choose a therapist today »

Couples Counselling and Marriage Workshops

Trying to resolve relationship issues?
Up-to-date and innovative techniques to help solve your relationship issues. Our two-tier approach is extremely effective for couples.

Read some of our relationship mending techniques »

Marriage workshop - having the marriage you've always wanted »

Seminars and Workshops

Practical, informative and dynamic seminars and workshops for marriage, alternative health, personal development, corporate specialties, EFT, and more.

View a list of our seminars and workshops to empower your life »

Holistic Health and Homeopathy

Discover how nature's remedies can transform your mood, thoughts, feelings and even relationship dynamics!

Read more about the methods of holistic and homeopathy therapies » 

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