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Why are we different than other counselling services?

Here at New Hope Counselling Centre we believe in dealing with the root problem(s) not just the pschological  symptoms. For decades counsellors have primarily focused on the symptoms, the issue is that the problems often resurfaces again . We take care of the your root issues so that your symptoms are resolved.

Offering you hope for a better tomorrow. We can help, there is hope.

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Individual Counselling

Helping you to resolve your problems through various proven methods.  Giving you a stronger and better future.

Couples Counselling

Using proven marriage and couples counselling techniques we can help you stabilize and restore love in your relationship.

Natural Remedies

Resolving Psychological issues through natural remedies.  Addressing root issues as well as aiding in relief.

Psychosomatic Energetics

This system of treatment that takes a unique approach in mental health bringing emotional restoration.

Basics of EMDR

Introduction to New Hope Counselling Centre

Trauma Resolution Via Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Three Psychological Resources

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