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Everyone faces difficulty in their lives at some point in time.  At New Hope Counselling Centre we provide for you compassionate personalized care.


We provide various therapies to resolve conflict, anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, sleep issues, relationship issues, illnesses, and much more. 


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Individual Counselling



Psychotherapy & Counselling


Our goal is you!  In our private setting you the client will experience personalized, compassionate, confidential services in both counseling and psychotherapy.


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Couples Counselling


couples counselling


Trying to resolve relationship issues? 


We offer the most up-to-date and innovative techniques to help solve your relationship issues.  We do this by taking a two-tier approach which has been extremely effective for couples.

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For a free 15-minute counselling consultation by phone or to book an appointment please call 905-633-7410.

Holistic Health and Homeopathy

Holistic Health

Facing what appears to be unresolvable issues?  Tried various medications with no results?

We use natural remedies to mend the mind and body.



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Holistic Health >>

Seminars &

seminars counselling

We offer practical, informative and dynamic seminars and workshops for marriage, alternative health, personal development, corporate specialties, EFT, and more.



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Heart Health


emWave Pro from HeartMath LLC


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our therapists

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