Most of us at some point in our lives will feel stuck.  We can feel stuck in our careers, stuck in personal development, stuck spiritually, stuck mentally and emotionally, and even stuck in our physical health.

First, let me say that there are no magic pills, words or the like that can fix everything in our life once and for all.  Life is a journey, it is a walk and our involvement in our wellbeing is essential.  All too often people look to the one thing that will fix their life.  Rather, it’s about balance.  Just as we have daily habits through which we move through so it must be to modify or even create new ones.  If we are to feel healthy and live a fulfilling life we need to understand the habits that create and make our world.  Habits start in the mind.

What are you thinking?  I don’t mean just on the surface but what inner phrases, images, etc. do you repeat on a regular basis from awake to sleep?  It takes time to retrain your mind, but it must be done and there are many tools available to do so.  There are naturopathic means, meditations, prayers, spiritual worship, community, supportive friends and loved ones, therapists, devices, and so goes the list.

Let’s take a look at some healthy healing, rejuvenating habits that we should have in our lives.

  1. Deep Breathing
  2. Drink Water
  3. Regular Routine
  4. Regular Movement
  5. Oxygen
  6. Hydrotherapy
  7. Positive Self-Talk
  8. Healthy Social Support
  9. Life Coaching

Deep Breathing

On a daily basis not only should we do deep breathing hundreds of times a day but we should establish a qualified breathing exercise.  I use and advocate heart coherence breathing by HeartMath.

Drink Water

There are many debates as to how much water a person should drink daily, some suggest 2-3 Litres of water.  But, there must be other considerations like:

  • only drink water when you are thirsty
  • must be clean water like spring water, Reverse Osmosis water that has been remineralized
  • drinking herbal teas can be good but not to be your major source
  • avoid soft drinks, bottled juices (unless organic), artificial drinks of any kind

Regular Routine

For mental and emotional wellbeing a regular routine is essential or imbalance will occur.

We need routine in:

  • Eating 3 regularly scheduled meals and taking time for about 1 hour per meal.
  • Going to bed before midnight, preferably around 10 pm range and to have approximately 8 hours of sleep per night
  • Sleep in pitch black rooms and with no radiation

Regular Movement

  • Daily movement/exercise will lower anxiety and depression
  • 30 minutes daily for at least 5 days a week where you can talk but not sing
  • Increase Endorphin levels in the brain and body


  • For proper function of brain and mood
  • To be outside in the open air, fresh air for 30 minutes daily


For proper elimination and function we need to daily do some kind of hydrotherapy

  • Shower
  • Steam inhalation
  • Bath
  • Steam room

Positive Self-Talk

Being very negative will disrupt healthy brain function creating toxic hormones and other chemicals within the brain and body while lowering healthy hormones and chemicals.

  • Think and speak positive self statements
  • Willfully choose to be grateful and to express gratitude
  • Forgive those that have offended you
  • Choose healthy meditations on a regular basis

Healthy Social Support

We as humans are social beings, we were never created to be living in isolation.  For some there is great difficulty socializing and connecting with other people, while for others it comes with great ease.  The most important point to make is that we need good, healthy social support.  Support that looks like:

  • having a spouse/partner to confide in
  • having family to speak with
  • having close friends or co-workers to confide in
  • involvement in a worship community, community organizations, and support groups
  • to be a person who makes friends easily

Life Coaching

The basic philosophy behind life coaching is that we have a vast array of energy, knowledge, ability and genius that is waiting to be set in motion. It has been said, “without personal mentoring it would have taken me 50 years to get to where I am today”.

Life coaching is about moving your life forward in a positive powerful and swift way, achieving your unrealized potential.

We need personalized support where a qualified person(s) is able to speak into our life, even if it involves correction.


Getting unstuck and moving forward in every area of life is what we need.  We only have one life to live so why waist it trying to figure everything out on our own.  Invest the time and the money – you’re worth it!

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