Recently I underwent a liver and gallbladder detox and flush, actually it was the second one this year and the third one I have ever done.  I found that my digestion improved, my mind became clearer, I felt calmer, and more optimistic.  I did this because of my discovery of how the liver holds the key to your mental and physical health in many ways – at least according to traditional Chinese medicine.

According to traditional Chinese medicine each particular organ in our body holds and evokes specific emotions.  Here’s a brief run down of what that looks like:

  • Liver – anger, resentment, frustration, irritability, rage, bitterness
  • Lungs – sadness and grief and detached
  • Kidneys – fear, poor willpower, insecurity, aloof and isolated
  • Spleen – worry, obsessive thinking (over thinking)
  • Heart – excitement, shock

The mind affects and effects the body and the body the mind, without healthy interventions the spiral is in a downward motion and we don’t want that.  To support both body and mind is essentially important to our emotional wellbeing, which in turn fosters a life full of vitality that’s worth living.

Here’s another questions worth exploring.  How does each organ effect the brain according to traditional Chinese medicine?


Preservation of the brain from defects and deterioration (Alzheimer’s, etc.) is the job of the kidneys.  Therefore, deterioration and defects of the brain may be halted and possibly reversed if the kidneys are supported and go through a cleansing along with biotherapeutic drainage.


According to traditional Chinese medicine the heart is said to regulate the cognitive functions of the brain.  The heart regulates the brain’s activities, where the kidneys provide the substance.


Lungs have to do with clarity of thought and being emotionally in the present moment, if you will, … connected to the here and now.  Without proper oxygen flow brain function can be slowed and/or impaired, amongst other things.  Oxygen is a key component to a healthy brain.


The spleen is said to regulate blood flow and support tonality.  It plays an important role in digestion and phlegm regulation.  An unhealthy spleen will cause phlegm to be excessive and blood flow to be poor thus inhibiting the brain’s ability to function normally.


The liver is a 4 lobed organ, which performs 1,000’s of different operations and functions daily.  It aids in digestion, including bile flow, detoxification, purification, excretion of nutrients, conjugates hormones (emotional connection), amongst many other detailed operations and functions.  When the liver is burdened with toxins it will create an imbalance resulting in brain imbalance, primarily in various forms of depression.

Where should I start?

Generally speaking the liver should be addressed first, unless of course there are other pressing issues that need attention.  The reason the liver is the first place to start is because of its multifunctionality as an organ.  Detoxifying the liver will inevitably effect and affect all other organs of the body including the brain.  Detoxifying the liver and flushing the gallbladder is essential to all other organ health.  Remember the primary route of excretion out of our body is the liver via the intestines.

The liver needs detoxification not cleansing.  This process can involve months or years.  In our civilized society each person contains around 250 toxic substances in their liver, which can include heavy metals.  Detoxification takes time and patience.  We don’t want to hear this in an instant gratification, microwave, fast-food world!

Detoxifying the liver and flushing the gallbladder takes time.  It is recommended that detoxifying and flushing should be done quarterly in the first year and then in each subsequent year in the fall and spring of each year to maintain liver and gallbladder health.

Here’s the general process:

  1. A diet rich in vegetables (mainly raw)
  2. A rich protein diet
  3. Eliminate sugars – products containing: sugar, flour, and white rice
  4. Exercise regularly about 4-5 times per week to the point where you perspire
  5. Sleep before midnight (where possible)
  6. Regularly practice relaxation (prayer, meditation, practices of gratitude, etc)
  7. Forgive and let go of resentments
  8. Begin or continue eliminating toxic emotions preferably with a qualified mental health practitioner using bottom up processing methods such as EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques
  9. Begin biotherapeutic drainage of the liver (qualified natural health practitioner will administer this)
  10. Chinese herbal medicines (for those that are able to take them)
  11. After approximately 7 weeks a 3 day flush can be performed and then the procedure can be repeated 1-2 months later if needed

Through my personal journey I can assure you this is one of the key things that we can do for our own spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.  An increase in faith, peace, cognitive abilities, digestive function improvements, more energy, etc can be the result of a liver detox and gallbladder flush.

Usually one detox isn’t enough, especially if you are older than 10 years of age!  In our modernized world a child can have an overburdened toxic liver by the age of 10 or even earlier.

Below is a quick questionnaire that can help you determine how toxic your liver may be:

  1. Is there any stiffness, tightness, soreness in your right shoulder?
  2. Are you irritable or stressed?
  3. Do you have fuzzy or foggy vision?
  4. Any headaches?
  5. Do you have poor concentration or focus?
  6. Are your eyes itchy, irritated, red, or dry?
  7. Is your sleep restless and/or have insomnia?
  8. Are you irritated by people, lack patience, and/or fed up with them?
  9. Do you have any hot flashes?
  10. Do you drink alcohol, eat processed food, or sweets?
  11. Do you have itchiness or a constant itch?
  12. Mixed up, confused, unclear thinking?
  13. Do you have any overwhelming moods or feelings?
  14. Are you ready to explode or wound up?
  15. Do you have any gallbladder pain or issues?
  16. Do you regularly get congested in your chest, nose, runny nose, or sinus issues?
  17. Do you have acne, boils, rashes, or other skin breakouts?
  18. Do you have dry, burning, irritated, cracked, flaky, or itchy skin issues?
  19. Did you feel bothered by any of these questions?

Count the number of times you answered yes to the above questions.

0-1  doing well

2-6 professional help is recommended

7-19 you have serious problems and need to see a professional

Much more can be said about this subject but this should get you started in your journey towards happiness and wholeness.

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