In western thinking we tend to separate and segregate things into compartments.  This can be detrimental to us.  Oriental or Eastern orientations, including the Bible, focus on the synergy of a person, taking into account the connectedness between the spirit, the mind and the body.  All too often in the West we dissociate our bodies from our spirits or minds from the rest of our being.  We treat different parts of us as though it does not affect the others.  We like parts.  We like separation.  It often gives the illusion of control and/or a false feeling that we aren’t responsible for what is happening in our lives.  When we take personal responsibility, we are able to respond and this gives us the power of choice and the power for positive change.  To affect change that brings health and wholeness, we need to look at ourselves as a unity in which each part affects the other parts.

In a study conducted involving individual heart cells in a Petri dish, it was discovered that when separated these cells each had a beating rhythm out of sync with the others.  When they were brought into close proximity of each other they began to all beat together, in sync.[1] That biological example reveals to us quite clearly how important it is to understand that though we may have separate parts to our being yet each are affected by the other; first with the spirit (unconscious mind), then with the mind (soul), then the body.

Here are 12 easy steps that we can take to support each area of our being:

  1. Allow God (Creator) to be in your life; giving the Creator the control so that you can rest – it’s called trust.
  2. Join a fellowship of believers and become involved.
  3. Meditate, read scripture and pray daily.
  4. Take note of your emotions on a daily basis consciously (with mindfulness) embracing them – accepting all of you.
  5. Daily do some personal work emotionally through spiritual practice and meridian point tapping like EFT.
  6. Make regular visits to a psychotherapist/counsellor or Life Coach.
  7. Listen to your body; don’t ignore what it is trying to tell you about your health.
  8. Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes with elevated breath rate – where you can talk but not sing.
  9. Get holistic nutritional guidance and therapy that is best suited for you.
  10. With a qualified practitioner detoxify on a regular basis.
  11. Develop healthy relationships.
  12. Obtain personal financial training and skills.

Health begins from the inside out.  Taking care of yourself is the wisest thing you can do in life.  Remember if you are healthy then life will be full of rich rewards!

[1] Source: Servan-Schreiber, David, M.D. Ph.D., The Instinct to Heal: Curing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Without Drugs and Without Talk Therapy. Rodale Books; First Edition, (February 21, 2004).